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Small Changes in Your Home That Make a BIG Difference

A house is one of the single largest and most important assets you can own, not only because of its cost, but also because it gives you and your family shelter and also a place for your family to create memories. If you are lucky, your house won't need much maintenance, and looks as spectacular today as it did when you bought it. However, it is more likely that there are some areas of your house that could use improvement.

Protect Your Indoor Furniture from the Sun

Just as UV rays damage your skin, so is true for your furniture. Take preventative care to protect your home decor investment and choose the right material for your indoor furniture that will be living in high sun […]

Auto Rickshaw Taxi Meters (vintage)

Our vintage auto rickshaw fare meters, for sale in-store at Flipp, were retired from taxis and auto rickshaws in India and mounted for display. The meters are very simple mechanical devices and were in essence a mileage indicator that […]

Air Plants – Tillandsias


Air plants, Tillandsias, live and grow with no soil. Tillys can be displayed in numerous ways, including inside a terrarium, an aerated glass globe, in wood bowls, mounted on the wall or any where that […]