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San Francisco, CA 94109

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About FL!PP

FL!PP is your design resource, providing in store and on-line access to unique furniture, lighting and accessories. We focus on pieces with big impact for those seeking to create comfortable, workable, and visually appealing homes, offices or commercial spaces.
From European and American designers to exotic South American, Asian and African sources, FL!PP seeks-out affordable, beautifully designed and well built furniture and one of a kind objects to help in transforming your environment into a personalized and unique space. Our store features these private label furnishings and upholstery, custom pillows, lighting, scented candles, books, bedding and much more. Our URBAN D.K. collection features resurrected furniture and lighting from the past, tastefully updated by our skilled artisans.
From tiny apartments, to more than modest homes, many never figure out exactly how to create a comfortable space that is both aesthetically pleasing and demonstrates functionality along with purpose and style. FL!PP helps by offering design services in tandem with our home store.